Our Products

Small business owners encounter challenges every day and successful ones will implement solutions in a timely manner. The Problem Solution HQ team has experience within the restaurant, technology, eCommerce, and marketing industries and our products have been created as the result of challenges we have faced within our own businesses. The best entrepreneurs are those who monopolize on small business hassles by developing revolutionary products that solve problems. Here are a few of our product solutions:


Does the thought of the health inspector put your stomach in knots? Are you confident that your food temperatures are always within the safety zone? FreshCheq is a simple mobile interface that automates food safety for restaurants and food trucks and eliminates paper logs. The easy to use and customizable mobile interface is cloud based and allows for enterprise reporting.

Call Informer

Do you know what happens when a customer calls in to your business? Gain the confidence that your employees are exceptional on the phone with Call Informer call recording and scoring web based software. Quickly and easily record calls, score them, and retrain employees for improved customer service. Improve call handling by 70% within 30 days and, as an added bonus, track the success of marketing campaigns as well.

Track My Assets

Track My Assets helps businesses manage the most important things that run a business – your assets. Eliminate paper logs and keep track of what your business owns, who is using it, who is fixing it, and what the long term cost to own it is — all from our web interface or from your phone. Never miss a warranty repair, lose track of things or have something fixed that should be retired.

Split Commerce

When it comes to DIY ecommerce sites, “do it yourself” usually means “do a lot of work” or “do it never.” After working on hundreds of ecommerce projects big and small, we have developed a world-class commerce software that we deliver to you for DIY prices. You provide us with the content and we do the rest. We walk you through the process every step of the way with whatever is needed, such as:

  • Buying a domain and certificate
  • Loading products and categories
  • Setting up your payment gateway and content
  • Hosting, support, and software updates