Following Your Passion

I know that I normally don’t write a companion blog to a podcast that I do, but this was a topic that I wanted to write about anyway. In the most recent episode of The Next Entrepreneur podcast, I spoke with Curt Sheard from Big Bois BBQ about his journey from a military man to a construction manager to an entrepreneur, and he told me that the key to his success is that his business is something that he is incredibly passionate about.


Everybody has something that they are passionate about, and the lucky ones are the people who get to make a career out of their passion. For some people it is music, others video games, but for Curt it was cooking. He always wanted to be a cook, and when he was deployed he dreamed of owning a food cart. When he got back home, he made some connections and one thing led to another and he started making BBQ sauce. He has plans for the future for his business that span years and generations. He is able to see that far ahead because he truly loves his business.


Some people my age have asked me for some advice for getting into business. The best advice I could give a new entrepreneur is that: make a business out of something you are extremely passionate about, because if you don’t, then it won’t be your top priority. Whether you can make a business out of something you’re passionate about or you have to find some way to make your business your passion, you need to make your business a priority.


50% of businesses fail within the first year and a whopping 95% fail within the first five years. Perhaps having that passion driving you is what will give your business the edge it needs to beat the odds.

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